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Vandemore Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day to all of our friends and family!

It has been an adventurous winter with ample amounts of snow and ice, and the girls have loved every minute of it. From baking to dress up, and unending games to playing outside in the snow, we've tried to keep them busy! Victoria is now 9 months old, and is already walking the walk... We swear that trying to keep up with her lively older sister has put this girl on the move so early.

Vivian loves and adores her little sister to no end, and Victoria never lights up as much as when her older sister gets home from school or walks downstairs in the morning. We are so blessed that these two sisters have already begun forming a lifelong friendship that surpasses any other kind of relationship. Being cooped up inside for months on end has only brought them closer, and as much as we look forward to the warm days of spring...that kind of bond is absolutely worth the overabundance of quality time together.

Dad is still on the move with Snow Goose season in Arkansas and Missouri, but the Off Season is in sight! Vivian is ready to climb up in the tractor with Tony, and accompany him to their many fishing afternoons at nearby ponds. Our life is a crazy one with many twists and turns, but there's no other life we'd rather have than following the revolving seasons of the outdoors!


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