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Easter Blessings & A Baby Birthday

The spring has arrived, the trees are filling in, and the weather has warmed up! This Easter, we had extended family stay with us over the weekend, which meant plenty of intense playing time for Vivian! The biggest challenge was limiting (ok - attempting to limit) their sugar intake. But with beautiful sunny days and family in town, we let the rules relax for a bit. After all, holidays only come around a couple times of year!

Saturday, we celebrated Victoria's 1st Birthday. We cannot believe this little angel is already ONE! It has been a year of joyful participation in all of her many milestones. Walking before she turned 9 mos old, rolling before 11 weeks, and taking this family by storm with her personality and huge smile... How were we ever a family without our Queen Victoria?! She's always been an excellent nighttime sleeper, and unlike Vivian, also loves her naps. Vic also hasn't held back on her size...weighing in at almost 25 lbs at her 9 month appointment, we're dying to know what she weighs now! Those lovable rolls never get old, and truth be told, we will be terribly sad to see her grow out of them. We love having a baby around the house again, but Vivian is ready for her to get a little older so that they can truly play together. It won't be long, and we're enjoying every minute of the stage she's in.

Sunday morning, we all delighted in the Easter Bunny's abundance and used the gorgeous morning for an outdoor Easter egg hunt! The family got dressed up in our finest, played and ate candy, and chased down 30 eggs in the yard. The girls absolutely adored every minute of these childlike festivities, and the adults matched their enthusiasm. Sometimes, the best part of being a parent is reliving the joy and excitement of youthful fun.

We can't count our blessings often enough, especially as we look towards our newest lodge at Habitat Flats, The Grand. The planting season is beginning now that the ground is drying up enough for Tony to get on the tractor, and hopefully, we'll find some pockets of time to run down to the Lake for some relaxation, fishing and family time. Although, let's be honest...we are never far enough from our computers or phones to be truly "off". But even being in a vacation atmosphere helps the mental break psyche! We can't wait to share our summer adventures here...not far off now! Vivian only has 10 days of preschool left before her graduation and summer vacation. Hard to believe we will have a Kindergartner next year! With her 5th birthday approaching in June, this whole "growing up" thing for BOTH of our kids is becoming a reality - as much as we do or don't want them to change. But as with any stage in life, there's always so much to look forward to... 🌷

We hope everyone had a very blessed Easter!


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