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Vivian Vandemore

Some kids are just born ready to conquer the world. Enter Vivian.

Viv is an outgoing, well-spoken performer who jumps at the opportunity to be challenged. From walking the runway in major Fashion Weeks and competing in pageants to joining the hunts at Habitat Flat each weekend, Vivian's passions are as delightful as they are diverse. She hosts giveaways, contributes to Dad's social content, models in hunting industry photo shoots, joins the hunt each weekend of season, and reaches hunting milestones with emotion and passion. She achieved her Grand Slam during the Spring '23 Turkey Season, making her the 2nd youngest female in history to do so! In Fall 2023, she harvested a beautiful 10 point buck, and continued to excel in the duck hunting blind with most major species checked off the list. As a crowned pageant queen, Vivian's platform, #BeBoth, encourages and empowers girls globally to embrace their natural femininity, but to also be bold enough to break outside of traditional gender roles. As a model, pageant queen and fierce huntress, Vivian's constant wardrobe change from glam and gowns to camo and mud is testament to her mission that girls can do ANYTHING.


She has already captured the hearts of hunters everywhere with her spirit, drive and dedication. Her absolute favorite passions are hunting, modeling, dogs, and horseback riding. Vivian Vandemore is most certainly a name you'll know for years to come! 



For booking inquiries, contact Brand Manager Kate Vandemore.

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