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A Star ⭐️ In the Making

Vivian Vandemore, you are MAGICAL!

As the Spring Talent Show forms were handed out at school, Vivian had her eye on a spot in the performance. We learned early on that she had a knack for all things entertaining, and she adores the spotlight. But this was a different level of commitment. To request a spot in the Talent Show required a real kind of maturity to prepare for the solo...and Vivian showed us all that she was up for the task. It's no small obligation for someone of any age to rehearse for weeks leading up to a solo vocalist performance... This 4 year old blew us ALL away.

Vivian was 4th in the show, and as each performance ahead of her finished, she didn't grow more nervous...she jumped up and down and became more excited to take the stage! What an amazing kid! Mom and Viv practiced every day for almost 5 weeks on "Part of Your World" from the Little Mermaid. And although she didn't always want to rehearse, she understood her commitment. She sang Ariel's song with incredible grace, beauty and poise, showing us all that she was meant for this - and most importantly, that SHE loves it! She had so much fun performing that when she sat down afterwards, she exclaimed, "Mom, I just want to do it 100 more times!!! I want to go AGAIN!"

She looked like an empress out of a fairytale, and we couldn't be more proud of this little girl. She has a magical future ahead of her, and it's going to be the greatest joy of our lives to travel this blessed journey with her.


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