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Full On FALL!

With the first turning leaf that Vivian spotted, she turned to Mom and exclaimed with pure joy, "It's HAPPENING!!! Fall is HERE!!!" In this family, there is no shortage of love for the precious turning of seasons to cool temps and changing leaves. We are a fall and winter loving clan!

With Habitat Flats Duck Season starting in early November, we've had the opportunity to make the most of October! Vivian has been busy. Dance classes, riding lessons, Fall parties, baking, the pumpkin patch, visiting the farms with Dad, fishing, Halloween festivities with cousins...we haven't had much free time!!

Victoria turned 6 months old on October 23rd, and this child is a bundle of JOY and LOVE! Vic is the light of Vivian's life, and vice versa. She is incredibly strong, and is leaping past baby milestones faster than we can keep track. She loves baby babble, rolling across rooms, trying desperately to crawl, and climbs on anything she can. Place her standing against anything and she's a happy camper!

Of course, when Grandpa visits, it's time to hit our favorite local fishing spot! It's a secret - a big one - so we can't tell you where it is...

Our first Annual Halloween Weekend with cousins was a total success! The families arrived to our house on Friday night and stayed until Sunday morning. 36 hours of PURE KID HALLOWEEN FUN. From awesome dinners at Halloween themed tables, to costumes, apple bobbing, mummy wraps, witch hat ring toss, ghost stories, a scavenger hunt - you name it, we DID it! Oh, and did I mention CANDY?! There will be many more of these at the Vandemore House!

Our seasonal Fall activities are now passing the baton to the highlight of our year, DUCK SEASON. Vivian couldn't be more excited to join Dad in the blind for her first season, so stay tuned for more!!! This has already been our best Fall ever, and it's only going to get better with DUCKS and the HOLIDAYS!!!!!


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