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You Been Farmin' Long?

Home from a week of family vacation, it didn't take Vivian long to get back to work. It wasn't 6 AM before she was waking up the house, ready to get on the tractor. i guess we could ask for worse traits out of our youngster! After a quick breakfast of salami, ham and strawberries (a local fave), she was dressed and waiting at the door. Snacks in hand, it was time to hit the fields.

First up for the day was starting to brushhog natural vegetation in moist soil wetlands. With teal season only five weeks out, now is the time to make the final preparations with the habitat before turning pumps on. The conversations ran from identifying moist soil plants and talking through why we are mowing certain areas, to 'Sticky Fingers Fred' sightings and Christopher the Elf watching us from the trees. As always, there was a dance party with a playlist much more up Mom's alley than Dad's.

After a good lunch in the tractor packed by Mom, Viv needed a quick power nap while Dad kept going! Next on the list was learning what a water control structure is and installing the boards. Each individual board dictates a different water level and was amazed we would soon be holding water (and Teal!) where we had previously been mowing with the tractor. Of course we can't go through the bottoms without checking on the corn and beans. It has been an extremely dry summer, but we have been fortunate to have a crop at all.

It is a necessity to stop at Mr. Danny's Farm to see the animals on the way home and shoot breeze with Daddy's partner Dan. The big news of the day for Viv came when "Mr. Danny" showed Viv six new kittens! The last time we were there momma kitty was pregnant and Viv was tickled to death to see that "she got all the kitties out of her tummy"! She loved playing with the little ones and learned how baby kitties drink milk just like her baby sister Victoria.

All in all it was a fantastic day back on the farms. Lots of laughs and memories, and hopefully a little knowledge that will stick with her going forward!


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