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Twirling Towards Teal

Vivian has a word for everyone waiting for Teal Season at Habitat Flats! And don't miss her lessons with Dad on Duck Habitat below. Learning is DOING!

Teal Habitat Lessons with Dad:

There's nothing more important when it comes to kids than the visual elements of learning. Some concepts are still a bit advanced for youngsters when it comes to feeding and holding ducks, and how it all comes together. Right now, we're focusing on letting Vivian witness the changes that take place around the farm - the results of work that she puts in with Dad.

And of course, the reward for a hard day of work is a visit to Mr. Danny's farm! Playing with the dogs, cats, and feeding the horses is as great a treat as any for Vivian.

2 WEEKS and Teal Season will begin! Good luck to everyone getting out there!


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