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One More Cast

What a summer it's BEEN! And of all the travels and activities the girls have participated in over the past several months, Vivian's fishing with Dad ranks at the top. Today marked the last official day of summer with school starting next week, and we returned to exactly how the Off Season began: at the farm ponds fishing. 

It was a warmer morning and the bugs weren't on our side, but as soon as we got set up, it didn't take long before the fish started biting.Viv announced that she wanted to "catch a Bluegill and his two friends, a Bass and a Crappie." She succeeded in all of the above! Despite the lily pads that had grown around our fishing spot, making snags a bit tricky. 

Next it was Dad's turn, and although Viv won the award for "most fish caught"...she didn't win the award for biggest fish!!!

Probably the funniest part of the morning...was a moment that Vivian didn't find so funny! When it was time to return the big bass to the pond, she BEGGED me not to release them so that they could play in the bucket with her other fish. It was a bit of a meltdown when we had to toss them back in!! We explained that the big mama fish have to go back in the pond so that they can keep making more big fish. She eventually dried her eyes and the concept clicked...kind of. 

I couldn't have had a better off season with my Vivian, and I'm sure she made more memories for ME than herself or anyone. Teaching your own child about the passions you've loved your whole life is a gift I can't even describe, as so many of you can relate. I'm so proud of the progress and maturing she exhibited over the spring and summer, from technique to just having patience and determination. Watch out world, because I promise you this girl will make her mark!! 


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