viv & vic

Welcome to the official Blog of Vivian and Victoria Vandemore. Daughters of Tony and Kate Vandemore, these lovable girls were born into a world that revolves around the hunting, farming and fishing seasons, and their adventures tell the tale! While Vic is still too young to do much besides be super cute, run around and scream, Viv is growing up before our eyes. Join the girls as they learn all about the outdoors, from hunting safety to catching crappie and planting corn. 

Where everything is a first and embraced with hearts full of wonder and awe, there is nothing more rewarding than watching children explore the great outdoors. Grab your kids and follow along, and stay tuned for instructional blogs and videos from Tony as well! Share your stories and pictures with us, as we love to learn about kids' experiences everywhere. Life is all about learning, and we learn by DOING!